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Insurance rates change constantly. It can seem difficult and frustrating to look for car insurance because of all of the different options available from the various companies as well as the fluctuation in prices depending on your specific circumstances. That is why many people in Georgia get frustrated when it comes to their car insurance policies. If you are not satisfied with the coverage you are receiving or the price that you are paying, don’t settle. It does not have to be difficult to find ways to save.


Georgia requires a minimum of 25/50/25 coverage in their car insurance. This means that your Bodily Injury Liability insurance must be at least $25,000 per person up to a total of $50,000 per accident, and your Property Damage Liability insurance must cover at least $25,000 worth of damage.  It is important that you know the laws.  You must carry this minimum amount of coverage.


Georgia is not a no follow state.  Instead, they follow what is called a Tort system. This means that someone must be found at fault in every automobile accident. Whoever is found to be at fault for causing the accident must cover all damages and medical bills out of their own pocket or through their insurance company. This system makes it absolutely essential that you protect yourself with a solid car insurance policy. Otherwise, you might find yourself filing for bankruptcy because of the high cost of damages and medical bills for those involved in the accident.


The minimum coverage required is a good place to start when shopping, but it is not necessarily the best value. You may find that you are not completely covered, for example, if you have an expensive car. $25,000 is a good chunk of money to fix up your damaged car or to buy a new one, but if you have expensive taste, you may find it difficult to shell out another $25,000 to $50,000 in addition to the Property Damage Liability insurance money to buy another BMW. In this case, you might look into extending your coverage.

Supplemental  Options

You may find that your car insurance company does not offer all of the coverage that you would like to have. This is where supplemental insurance comes in and fills in the gaps. One very important kind of supplemental insurance is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist insurance. This kind of insurance is required in some states, but not in Georgia. Since Georgia requires that someone be found at fault for the accident, it can be risky to count on the fact that the person at fault has a good car insurance policy. This can make it worth your while to add this kind of supplemental insurance to your plan.



Everybody wants and deserves discounts.  Car insurance companies want your business, and one way that they attract customers is by offering them a discount on their car insurance. There are various discounts available from different companies. They range from safety and security discounts for items like anti-theft devices on your car to multi-car discounts or good driver discounts. You could also get a discount if you buy homeowner’s insurance from the same company. Although the discount may not seem significant enough to be worth the extra searching, getting two or three discounts can really add up.


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You don’t have to be frustrated when you look for cheap auto insurance in Georgia. In fact, we would like to help you make the entire process easier. If you enter your zip code at the top of the page, we will give you a free comparison quote on cheap car insurance policies for the state of Georgia. This will allow you to compare the benefits of each policy to find out exactly what kind of coverage would be best for you. Then you can compare the various prices. You may have already determined how much car insurance you can afford, but our comparison shopping could get you some extra coverage for your money.

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